Constitution March 2015 PDF
The Association will be referred to as ILASA (Irish Laboratory Animal Science Association). OBJECTIVES
The objectives of ILASA are to facilitate and promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise in the following areas:
• Animal welfare
• The implementation of the 3Rs in relation to animal research
• The orderly running of premises authorised under Statutory Instrument 543 of 2012 for the use of animals in research
• Liaison with the competent authorities to ensure that legislative measures:-
a) are in the best interests of the animals under member’s care and
b) can be practically implemented
Any person or establishment working in the area of laboratory animal medicine shall be eligible to join. This will include, but not be exclusive to, the following:-
• Academics using animals for scientific purposes
• Managers/Administrators of Animal Research facilities
• Persons designated under the Statutory Instrument
• Other animal care staff
• Designated Veterinarians and Veterinary staff
• Active Researchers using animals for scientific purposes
• Research Ethics Committee members / AWB members
Non-academic/Commercial Sector
Other industries as deemed appropriate by the management committee
1. Individual – proposed by an existing member and agreed by the Management Committee
2. Authorised Establishment– proposed by the Establishment Compliance Officer and agreed by the Management Committee
An application form will be completed together with the name of the proposer. This will be submitted to the Management Committee via the Secretary of ILASA for approval.
The Management Committee may also invite persons who are not members to attend from time to time, should this be felt to be beneficial to a particular meeting.
The Management Committee (MC) will consist of:-
a) President
b) President elect
c) Secretary
d) Treasurer
e) Representative/s from each of the authorised establishments
A quorum for a management committee meeting to proceed shall be a majority of the establishment members.
All strategic decisions will be taken by management committee.
Each establishment shall be entitled to one vote (although there may be more than one person from each or any establishment present at a MC meeting).
In the event of a tie after all the establishments have voted, the President shall have the casting vote.
There will be at least two Management Committee meetings held per year, one of which may be held in conjunction with the AGM.
General meetings will be open to all members and will be held when required.
There will always be an annual general meeting at which:-
i) The officers b) to d) above will be elected. The President-elect and Treasurer shall be elected in even numbered years; the secretary shall be elected in odd numbered years.
ii) Other business as decided by the meeting will be transacted.
All decisions at general meetings will be by a majority vote of those members present.
Officers of ILASA shall be appointed for a period of two years and may be re-elected after a period of two further years. FEES:
Fees will be administered by the Management Committee and will be reviewed or may change from time to time. LAB ANIMAL DISCUSSION FORUMS
1) External list of members – for general correspondence and information
2) Internal list of members – for Committee business