Ovagen Group Limited

Carrentrila, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland

 Lab Animal Technician. 24/6/20
This is an excellent opportunity to join a dynamic company which has developed an innovative and disruptive technology to produce Germ Free eggs
for vaccine manufacture.

At Ovagen we pride ourselves in investing in people, discipline in execution, quality and compliance.  As we move into the next phase of our growth, we are seeking to recruit  Technicians who will support the Senior Project Director in the delivery of key outcomes for the business and who will be key members of the Ovagen Team.


Role Summary
The Technician works as part of a team to perform scientific, operational and process tasks as they relate to the completion of key deliverables to ensure the consistent supply of Germ Free eggs to customers. The Technician should have the cross-functional scientific ability/skills/knowledge in aseptic procedures, working with avian species, in poultry management and welfare and facility management.

The Technician is responsible for executing implementation, troubleshooting, tracking and reporting of a variety of processes for the production of Germ Free eggs.


These responsibilities include:

Role Responsibilities (Animal)

Support the Senior Project Director, to ensure the company meets its key strategic objective to have Germ Free (GF) eggs available for evaluation and validation by customers in 2021.
Support the Senior Project Director to ensure that the surgical phase of the project is planned and executed to meet the project timelines.
Support the Senior Project Director to ensure the planning and co-ordination of all surgical procedures leading to the development and maintenance of the GF flocks areto the highest standards of animal welfare.
Assist with the day to day maintenance/husbandry tasks of the Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) flock to be used for generation of the GF flock and of the subsequent generation GF flocks.
Working with and performing procedures on GF birds maintained under GF isolator conditions.
Assist with the day to day environmental monitoring of SPF and GF flocks.
Assist with the decontamination/fumigation of isolators/rooms/equipment etc.
Assist with post mortem procedures, as necessary.
Support the Senior Project Director to ensure sufficient stocks of sterilised materials e.g. diet, for all stages of birds being reared in Ovagen, bedding, water, are always maintained.


tel: +353 (0)96 75579   web:  www.ovagen.ie

Directors: L. Moran, C. Caulfield. Ovagen Group Ltd Company reg. no: 336458 VAT No: IE 6346458 I

Ovagen International Ltd (No. 451124) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ovagen Group Ltd.


Responsible for record keeping to ensure compliance with SOPs
Responsible for providing accurate production data/health monitoring data to the Senior Project Director
Responsible for maintaining biosecurity procedures and performing microbiological/serological sampling of GF flocks in compliance with SOPs
Responsible for the preparation and revision of SOPs
Collaborate internally with other divisions, support services and Company management to achieve goals and targets and shared Company KPI’s.
Support the Senior Project Director in the development of the optimal logistics and supply chain – inwards and outwards for the GF area.  
Support the Senior Project Director in the identification of key risks throughout the GF product development lifecycle.

Role Responsibilities (Facilities)

Preventative Maintenance of key equipment on site e.g. Air Handling Units, Water Filtration system, Compressors, Boilers, Chillers and Building Management System.  This will include daily, weekly quarterly and six monthly checks of equipment to ensure equipment is performing as per manufacturers recommendations
Scheduling annual servicing of equipment as necessary and liaising with contractors to ensure equipment is maintained to the highest operating standard.
Support the Senior Project Director to ensure sufficient stocks of materials e.g. HEPA filters, gases for sterilisation, swabs and media for microbiology etc. are always maintained.
Support the Senior Project Director with the operation and maintenance of the Building Management System which controls the environments (temperature, relative humidity, pressure, light/dark cycle, light intensity) in the facility.
Assist with validation of equipment, as necessary.

Additional Responsibilities

Identify opportunities to improve processes.
Ensure full compliance with all Quality, Regulatory, HR, HSE requirements.
Provide support to the rest of the Company’s Senior Management team as required.
Any other duties that may be assigned to him/her by the Senior Project Director.



2+ years’ practical experience of aseptic techniques
Strong oral and written communication skills
Team Player who can collaboratively work with cross-functional groups
High energy and resilience level, team building skills and an ability to anticipate and address potential technical issues
Strong IT skills i.e. very familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint



If interested, please contact Martin Murphy.


Email: martin.murphy@ovagen.com

Mobile: +353 87 4170323